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    Leaf-lined, jostling for a place on inner-city streets, and punctuating pot-holed gravel pathways well-placed off the beaten track, the classic villa is often exposed in various states of renovation. Villa has become a nostalgic part of our housing landscape. This style of the house was created in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with a dominant style of the villa with spacious verandas, cast-iron fretboards and decorative wooden elements. Many homeowners have renovated their villas to fit their modern lifestyle.

    During the 1880s villas became the preferred design for new homes.

    The villa used an almost exclusive style until its demise at the beginning of WW1. Early villas were of simple form but increased in complexity and decoration over time as the construction industry responded to demand from increasingly affluent consumers.

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    Recent trends have maintained the villa’s street appearance, while the rear of the property has been redesigned to offer modern living. This includes raising lighting levels, installing modern bathrooms and kitchens, and improving indoor-outdoor flow. A limited number have been restored to their original condition and layout, but with new bathrooms and kitchens.

    There are also a number of villas in which another floor has been added, which often does not correspond to the original house, and there are some examples of excavations under villas on sloping sites to house garages or additional living spaces. One indicator of modifications is the presence of beams on a ceiling – these generally indicate that an original wall has been removed. There are also some cases of villas that have been converted into flats.

    At VILLA 360′ CONTRACTING COMPANY LLC, we provide the smartest Renovation, Remodeling, Landscaping & Maintenance for the people of DUBAI. We comprise a multi-talented team of experts who are capable of bringing your dream villa to reality.


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